I have a pretty big network. I have never been able to get any leads nor have I never been able to generate any business.

I always am honored when someone asks me a question like this.  I am curious about how many connections you have?  If you go to the home page on your profile on the right it shows how many people viewed your profile.  Click on it and see who’s viewed it and on the right of the next page it will show the number of weekly views.  On average how many is that?  There’s a little link above the charge to see the weekly times you show up in search what’s that say on average?

For now, go look at your profile.  This is a big mistake we all make in the beginning with LI.  Are you applying for a job or trying to attract customers?  Because I bet if you thought I was a potential customer you would not tell me any of that stuff in the first five minutes of our conversation would you?  Wouldn’t you tell me all the benefits of a new system, well hopefully you’d spend most the time letting me tell you what was wrong with my system now.  On a profile you don’t get that opportunity so you just talk about me me me me.  Because you know Louie that is all your customers really care about.  In one part I saw four or six things you offer.  I would make a current position for each of those and talk about how I can benefit from seamless data storage or whatever.  Throw in a success story or two of typical customers.

Let me know the numbers and I will look again tomorrow.  Take your time on the profile thing.  I built mine over six months and I had the stuff written for my website.  I keep changing it too.  Just get started that’s all.

If you believe this tip or any tips in this blog will contribute to the success of your LinkedIn experience, I hope you will give me just a few minutes of your time to help with my success and share my LinkedIn profile with some of your connections.  Please read the “If My Tips Help You, Please Help Me” section of the blog to find out how to help me.  You will find this section next to where it says home at the bottom of the picture on this page.   By following this suggestion it will help you with your network too. 



About taxdude8422

Basically I am just a tax nerd, have been all my life. However I have found the more open you are to opportunities the better off you will be in this world. That makes my what is know as an open networker on Linkedin, I will connect with anyone. I am not an expert on Linkedin by any means but one day when I was asking someone to connect I mentioned that I had just been refilled on invites. My new connect asked how I did that. I used that same line for the next month and got asked the same question four times. I started thinking there was a lot of little things it took my sometime to learn. Through this blog I plan to share some of those "Linked Secrets"
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