If My Tips Help You, Please Help Me

I believe if he were alive today Dale Carnegie would be the most connected linked in person in the world.  Anyone who has read his book, “How To Win Friends And Influence People” knows how large a network he had and how much success he gained from the development of that network. 

There is no doubt in my mind connected people are successful people.  I hope the tips I provide will lead you to a more connected and successful world.  While you are growing your network I would like your help in growing mine.  You can help me by sharing my profile and blogs with your connections it is easy to do and your connections will be thankful to you because you took the time to share this valuable information.

 Just go to my profile on linkedin.  When you get to my profile at the bottom of the box where my picture is located there is a button that says “Share”.  Click that button and you will get a box where you can send a message and share my profile.  At the top you put in who you want to send the message to.  The easy way to do this is you click the little linked logo to the right.  You will get a list of your connections.  You just click the box by the names of 50 connections you feel may benefit from the info on this blog.   If you feel the urge to share this with more than 50 of your connections I will love you forever but linkedin will only take 50 at a time so you will have to repeat this process. 

 The canned message that gets sent with the invite to share my profile doesn’t tell your connections why you really want to share my profile.  And your connections will not be able to see this blog unless they connect with me.  If you do not change the canned message your contacts will wonder why you are sharing the profile.  If you copy and paste the next paragraph over the canned message your connections will know why you want them to visit my profile and will love you for sharing the information.  So copy the following now so you can paste it when you get to my profile.

I want to share Ray’s profile with you.  His email address is taxdude8422@gmail.com When you link with him you can view his blog of valuable tips to increase the size of your Linkedin network.  I believe using his tips will help us both grow our networks.   All you need to do to grow your network is copy and paste ray’s email in your send invites box and Ray can help you start to grow you network in just a few minutes.  Best of all it is all FREE FREE FREE.  Ray provides this information so you will connect with him, all he is asking for is an invite from you. 

Once you have chosen the connections and added a personalized message just click “send message” and you are done.  In a matter of minutes you can share with 50 of your connections.  Judging from the response I am getting they will appreciate it too.   Sharing will help your connections remember you. 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to do this for me and enjoy your new connections.


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